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Weekly Recap: 4 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon Leave a comment

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Whew, what a week!

This was peak week of training for the Barcelona marathon on March 10th. I will start a 2-3 week taper now, with 15-ish next weekend for the long run, then 10, then the race. Excited for marathon #44!

Here’s how this week went in training (and in life in London!)

Monday: Rest from running. I know some say you can never miss a Monday, but for me, I usually have a long run Saturday and another solid run on Sunday (often with Dustin at a faster than recovery pace), so after a full week of training, Mondays are often a perfect day to take a rest from running and ensure I’m ready for a big week. I did fit in a pilates reformer class at the studio by my office as well as some additional core and stretching afterwards at home.

Tuesday: I recently purchased a WHOOP device- its another watch in addition to my Garmin (I wear them both all the time) that tracks a lot of information about sleep, recovery, stress. It’s fascinating so far! I only have had it about a week, but I set a “PR” in quality sleep on Monday, so it said I was ready to “peak” on Tuesday. Well, that worked out well as I was working from home so that I could do a longer workout in the morning.

2 mile warm-up, 3×2 miles with 3 min recovery jog, cool-down to over 11 miles total. It was rainy and cold and not the most endearing London weather, but I felt strong. I guess quality sleep really does matter!

I had a busy day of work, but stepped out over lunch to walk the dogs. With all the rain, Hampstead Heath (the big wild park near us) is a muddy mess, so there’s lots of toweling off of the pups after eery walk. I’m ready for the London winter rain to be done!

That evening, I went to a Heartcore pilates class. It was a full fitness day with the harder run, a nice dog walk, and then pilates.

Wednesday: Run commute, 4.5 miles, then an office run with a Valentine’s theme! I wore my red lululemon speed shorts and a red tank (vest if you’re British 🙂 ).

Rather than go out (we do plenty of that!), Dustin and I cooked dinner at home and opened a nicer bottle of wine.

Thursday: 7 mile run with Ruth before work.

Friday: 9 mile easy run with my friend Tina. Upper body strength session at home with Caroline Girvan.

Saturday: Longest long run! 22 miles. Dustin joined me for the first 12, where I added in 3×3 miles at goal marathon pace. It felt like 22 miles, if you know what I mean! But the weather was nice, a little drizzly but 58F/14C. Great running weather. And I got in the miles.

That evening, we met some friends at the Spaniards Inn in Hampstead for dinner. Guess who lives next door to the Spaniards Inn? Harry Styles! But alas, he wasn’t at the pub for dinner…

Sunday: Slept in, then ran 7 miles with Ruth and Dustin.

Summary: 64 miles of running, 2 pilates reformer classes, 1 other strength workout

A fun London occurrence that brings me joy every time is dogs on the tube! Look at this big fella. WOW!

This guy was on his way to the tube- dogs have to be carried on the escalators.

Just the best.

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