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Join our Community! 

The Yoga Sutras tell us that the transformative power of yoga comes from consistency. Yoga Sutra 1.14 explains that we must practice for a long time, without interruption, and with love for the practice itself. 

If you’re a regular practitioner, you have likely experienced the benefits of consistent yoga in your body, mind and soul! Power Living has a variety of membership options, all of which allow you to practice an unlimited amount of yoga, giving you every opportunity to keep up your physical practice, along with supporting your mental health. 

We love the practice of yoga as it helps us find inner peace, all while taking us through an invigorating physical practice that keeps us strong and vibrant! 

Below are some benefits of joining our community. We can’t wait to share our modern yoga with you. 


Unlimited Yoga

To really feel and experience the benefits of yoga, we recommend rolling out your mat at least twice per week. If you make it to yoga this often, our memberships make practising significantly more cost-friendly than other passes. Practice as much as you like at any of our studios, including our Livestream studio, for as little as $35 per week. 


Free access to online classes

Yogaholics is our on-demand platform that allows you to keep up your practice anywhere, anytime. It makes yoga accessible so that when you’re away from your local studio, you don’t have to lose your momentum. 

Beyond just Vinyasa classes, Yogaholics also has pose breakdown tutorials, guided meditation, yoga for kids, and inspirational videos diving into yoga philosophy. It is updated regularly, and it also allows you to pick your length of class, intensity, teacher, and style! 

We may not always be able to attend a perfectly serene studio, but yoga is still available for our members wherever they can roll out a mat. 


Flexibility to support your lifestyle

We know our students live busy, exciting lives! There is no need to be worried about being “locked in” to a payment schedule when you’ve got travel plans coming up, or when life simply happens! All you have to do is email your local studio and we can suspend your membership payments. 


Membership discounts!

Our studios hold workshops and events all throughout the year, and they also stay stocked up on necessary yoga props. As a member, you always receive 10% off workshops, retail, and special pricing on programs such as our 30-day yoga and meditation immersion – Elevate!

Commit to consistent practice and choose from 4 different membership options to suit your lifestyle. Join the hundreds of other yogis who call a Power Living studio their home.

Here is a testimonial from one of our long-term members of our Bondi Beach studio! 


“11 years and 1900 sessions so far at Power Living! In that time the classes have offered me many ways to grow physically and mentally. My body has aged far better than if I had stuck only to my previous movement routines of weights and running – which I can still dip into and see good results as my body is trained and nurtured with consistent yoga practice. Mentally it’s been tremendous to create awareness, connection and community – my mood is always enhanced by a session and the team did a great job of keeping connection and sanity within the community over the lockdown period.” – Cam Gerrie


Check out our membership pricing here: powerliving.com.au/passes or reach out to your local studio to chat about your options!

See you on the mat soon!

Written by Katie Tetz
Studio Business Manager | Ever Inspiring Writer & Yoga Teacher for Power Living Australia

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