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Onomatopoeia Edition – Starting Strength Weekly Report October 2, 2023 Leave a comment

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October 02, 2023

Onomatopoeia Edition


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On Starting Strength

  • Cancer Treatment and Men’s Health –
    Rip talks to Greg Ellifritz, who underwent the TULSA procedure at Dr. Busch’s office in Atlanta, about prostate cancer, treatment, and quality of life.

  • Press Part 2: Adding the Hips/Shoulder Impingement
    – Starting Strength Coach Steve Ross explains the importance of using hips in the press and the fix for common errors.

  • How to Manage Your Heart Health –
    Heart surgeon Dr. Philip Ovadia joins Ray on the show today to discuss the cholesterol controversy, diagnostic testing, blood panel specifics, and other areas of interest related to avoiding heart disease.

  • Primal Training by Jim Steel –
    Basic, raw strength has always appealed to me, a sort of casual super-strength that someone who is really “raw strong” can display…

  • 83 Year Old Strength Trainee and Pistolera –
    At age 83, Foster managed to improve her condition from osteoporosis to osteopenia by training at SS Indianapolis under the guidance of Coach Andrew Lewis. Gaining strength has not only aided her in daily tasks but it has also enhanced her pistol training.

  • Weekend Archives:

    Artificially Weak Deadlifts by Robert Santana –
    The importance of the deadlift cannot be overstated. The deadlift is the most functional barbell exercise we perform because…

  • Weekend Archives:

    What Makes a Good Coach? by Mark Rippetoe –
    The profession of Barbell Coaching has come a long way in the past few years. I’m happy to say that Starting Strength has played a big part…

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Best of the Week

Electrical Muscle Stimulation


Been a fan of yours for a while and thanks for providing this forum.

Had a question about EMS, I bought a Compex unit recently and wanted your perspective. I know opinions vary between supplementing workouts, replacing workouts, and being junk.

Curious as to if you had any opinion(s)

Mark Rippetoe

I’m sorry, this is a strength training board.

Andrew Lewis

How does electrical stimulation produce an effect that demands sufficient force production that will then cause adaptation?

Is there a specific claim that surrounds electrical stimulation that people commonly espouse?


You just have to crank up the voltage.


That’s right, if you get across mains voltage from your house supply you either become paralyzed or dead. It is the frequency that causes an interruption to heartbeat rhythm and you go into fibrillation. Not really pleasant.

Mark Rippetoe

Very helpful, wal.

Best of the Forum

Programming for 600+ lbs deadlift


Do I need a Starting Strength Coach or does a specific program in the gray book give the best path to a 600 lbs deadlift, currently 5 ’10 37 years old 230 lbs. 485 squat, 365 bench, 500 dead, 225 press. I’ve been running programs for 3 years now currently on the tail end of the gray books Starr 3 day model. 465 for 5 last week peaking out, going to rack pulls this week.

Mark Rippetoe

Are you asking if there is a specific program that takes you from a 500 to 600 deadlift?


I’m asking which is the best program out of the book do you think that will get me to a 600 deadlift

Mark Rippetoe

Without knowing anything at all about your training, I’d advise a rack pull/halting DL program.

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