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How To Fix A Cracked Tooth Naturally? Leave a comment

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Have you ever thought about whether a cracked tooth can be fixed or not? If yes, remember there are better options than natural dental remedies. Anyway, human teeth are made of hard enamel but may break because of a minor impact. It is often just a mild fracture that hampers the person’s smile and aesthetics. However, large fractures may require immediate medical attention, and numerous treatment options are available.Additionally, repairing a chipped tooth at home is not possible so always consult a dentist on how to fix a cracked tooth.

What is a Cracked Tooth?

Cracked Tooth may happen because of an injury or bad bite. When your teeth get damaged, inner layers can be seen, and disease-causing bacteria may form. Many individuals may experience a loss of teeth in this situation. No worries, this common condition can be treated. However, initiating early medical care is necessary, or tooth loss may be the worst possibility.

What are the possible causes of cracked teeth?

Cracked Tooth Syndrome can occur due to several reasons. Let’s know about its possible causes one by one.

1. Age

Aged individuals often become the victim of cracked or fractured teeth. The symptoms of cracked teeth are mostly noticed at around 50 years of age or so. In addition, a lifetime of crunching, gnawing, and grinding can wear out the outer layer of enamel over time. Furthermore, aged people may have flat biting edges because of the wear and tear process. However, clinical trials say overexposure to acidic foods like carbonated drinks and citrus fruit may damage tooth surfaces.

2. Food

Usually, food is taken by every other organism to gain strength and nutrition. Although food contains essential nutrients like vitamins, calcium, minerals, and phosphorus, it may destroy teeth. Tooth fracture may occur if you bite too hard or are chewing nuts or seeds. Nevertheless, it is more evident for older people, but young adults may also have cracked teeth.

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3. Trauma

One of the main reasons for cracked teeth can be because of trauma. When pressure falls from teeth grinding, it can be worse for the teeth. Necessarily, trauma, such as sports injuries, bike accidents, and car accidents, can become responsible for the crack. Besides, individuals who go through physical violence may also get cracked teeth at times. There might not be any symptoms of the cracked Tooth at first, but you have to be watchful.

4. Weak-Teeth

Usually, people with weak teeth must be careful regarding tooth cracking. In addition, long-term wearing out of the enamel or large fillings can take time to manage. Furthermore, individuals with deficit tooth structure can become vulnerable to such problems. They may not be able to tolerate the everyday rigors that teeth endure. However, anyone with cavities can also have the pain of a cracked tooth at some point.

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Can a cracked tooth heal by itself?

Fixing a cracked tooth naturally is not a smart or safe option, as it can lead to further damage and complications. Cracked Tooth may never get healed by itself. It is unlike any bones with many blood vessels, as tooth enamel doesn’t comprise such. Therefore, an individual must never wait for the crack to heal on its own. It’s best to consult a dentist for proper evaluation and treatment.

Usually, the teeth composition is such that it cannot regenerate or redevelop itself. Besides, our teeth develop within the first six months of pregnancy in the mother’s womb. So, it is foolish to consider teeth as bones that can be repaired independently.

Can you fix a cracked tooth naturally?

A cracked tooth can’t be fixed naturally. How to fix a cracked tooth at home isn’t possible at all. Anyway, there are some home remedies for relieving broken tooth pain.

  • Apply an ice pack on the cheek to address pain and inflammation.
  • Remove any food particles that are present in your teeth. This may help in fixing the tooth pain naturally.
  • Try to keep your head elevated during sleep to experience some relief from pain.
  • Use a warm salt water rinse to remove bacterial growth from the teeth.
  • If pain is getting extreme, consider having painkillers like paracetamol.
  • In case you want to remove small cracks from the teeth, use dental wax. It has to be used on the edge and may prevent mouth damage.
  • Biting a gauze over the cracked Tooth can help prevent pain.
  • Try to use clove oil for fixing pain naturally that is caused due to cracked teeth.
  • Do not eat anything from the side; consume everything at a neutral temperature.
  • Just don’t poke the cracked teeth unnecessarily.

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What should you avoid with broken teeth at home?

Repairing cracked teeth without crowns can be possible only if you remain patient. Avoid certain things that can cause complications unnecessarily.A few things that should be avoided with broken teeth at home may include:

  • Never pull out broken teeth all by yourself.
  • Avoid filling up the edges with nail filler or sandpaper to make them smooth.

What are the main symptoms of Cracked teeth?

Most importantly, every other cracked Tooth may not produce symptoms. Still, specific common symptoms can be marked out.

  • Pain can be felt while chewing or biting, especially when the bite is released.
  • If your teeth become sensitive to heat, cold, or sweet food items.
  • Gum swelling can be noticed around the affected Tooth
  • Pain comes and goes, but the cycle is continuous.

How to fix a cracked tooth?

Cracked tooth syndrome treatment may depend upon the size of the crack and where it is located. The treatment option becomes different if the crack gets extended in the gum line. Your dentist may consider all these factors to decide the course of treatment.Specific treatment options for cracked teeth may include:

1. Crown

When you have fractures in your Tooth, the dentist may use a prosthetic device called a dental crown. Usually, the crown is made out of ceramic or porcelain. In addition, the healthcare provider may ensure it fits over the damaged Tooth. Besides, your dentist may shave off a certain amount of enamel from your Tooth to make room for the crown. Furthermore, you and your dentist can decide the color that matches the teeth. However, be patient; this process may take a couple of weeks.

2. Root Canal

By chance, if your crack is very severe and has extended into the pulp, then an oral surgeon may recommend a root canal. Through this procedure, infection at the center of the Tooth may be treated. In addition, the procedure may prevent future tooth infections and won’t get weakened easily. Know that root canal treatment isn’t painful at all. The procedure may save the Tooth that would require complete removal.

3. Extraction

In case the tooth structure and nerves joining it get entirely damaged, then extraction is the only option left. Many times, extractions might hurt, but you won’t be in deep pain. Take strong painkillers only if recommended by your dentist.

Can you prevent tooth cracking?

Cracked teeth may occur due to uncountable reasons, including age, trauma, and other factors. The easiest way to prevent tooth extraction is by maintaining good oral hygiene. Strong teeth can have better stimuli, and the possibility of breaking down becomes negligible. Research says to use a correct toothbrush to avoid cracking and know the appropriate brushing techniques.


It feels terrible when your Tooth breaks suddenly. Sadly, this can’t be fixed at home anyway. It is always asked to take the dentist’s advice if a tooth breaks or the consequences can be gruesome. Remember that complications of cracked teeth can be much more severe and immediate medical care becomes necessary. Be prepared to get your Tooth extracted if the matter is grave.

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