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Does Boric Acid Kill Sperm – That You Must Know Leave a comment

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The moment we think about contraception, various options pop into our mind. But what about Boric Acid? Can boric Acid prevent pregnancy? From ancient times, this weak Acid was used as an antiseptic, fireproofing agent, and whatnot. It is a dangerous poison that has reflected spermicidal properties. Many healthcare experts have recorded the implications of boric Acid in certain contraceptive products. However, safety considerations are essential when we agree to use Boric Acid in diverse fields.The versatile compound must be handled cautiously, or the consequences can be disappointing. In this comprehensive guide, we have addressed all the myths and facts on Does Boric Acid kill sperm? Let us have a look.

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What is Boric Acid?

Boric Acid is a boron, oxygen, and hydrogen compound with a chemical formula H3BO3. The crippling poison has been considered an important industrial chemical and recently gained popularity for having the ability to kill sperm.

Earlier, humans used to take boric Acid for pest control, medicinal purposes, and nuclear powder. It must be kept away from children and pets for their safety.

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Do boric Acid kill sperm?

A study suggests that brief contact with boric Acid can harm the process of sperm development and the quality of sperm. Es, boric Acid can harm sperm by affecting their movement and ability to survive.Several well-known doctors believe boric Acid to have spermicidal properties, which implies that it can kill or immobilize sperm.

Effects of Boric Acid on Sperms

  • If boric Acid is used, sperm’s cellular membranes can get disrupted by altering the membrane permeability. It can cause cell damage, which may automatically end up in sperm death.
  • For fertilization, the sperm tends to swim. Boric Acid interferes with sperm mobility, thus hampering the process of reproduction.
  • The use of boric Acid may harm the unborn child badly, resulting in impaired fertility. Boric Acid contraception can also damage other contraception like condoms and diaphragm.

When you are seeking some way to kill the sperm, use spermicide, they are available in several forms, like creams, gels, foams, and suppositories.

How does Boric Acid impact Sperm’s function?

Several studies show that boric Acid is toxic to sperm. Mainly, sperm mobility and viability are poorly targeted with this chemical. However, researchers have noticed adverse effects on the sperm of animals with oral boric acid consumption. Yet, human trials do not confirm the same.

Instead, boric Acid’s effect on human sperm should undergo more experiments. Hence, individuals must skip its usage in contraception for the time being.

Which Spermicidal Products are present in Boric Acid?

Undoubtedly, Boric Acid showed effectiveness in killing sperm. Let us check out the spermicidal part of this chemical compound.

  • In the past, Boric Acid was used as a form of contraception in several contraceptive products. Besides, it is found in creams, gels, and vaginal suppositories.
  • The main aim of boric Acid there is to prevent pregnancy by killing sperm present in the vagina. However, Boric acid spermicides have been recently replaced with products that cause less irritation like nonoxynol-9.

What happens when a partner uses Boric Acid?

You must be wondering whether boric Acid would harm your partner. Reports say that partners who used this chemical compound had itching, burning, and other difficulties. Fortunately, complications from boric Acid are rare, but you have to be conscious.

Know that boric Acid is not any sort of lubricant. If used without enough lubrication then side effects can occur. However, do not forget to use protection during sexual intercourse so that STIs do not happen.

How long after having Boric Acid can I have intercourse?

Doctors may recommend waiting for at least 12 to 24 hours before having intercourse after using a boric acid suppository. In doing so, the suppository may get enough time to dissolve fully. The area may return to its normal pH levels, preventing unnecessary discomfort to you and your partner.

However, take a shower after involving in sexual activity to remain on the safe side. Making intimate relations with caution is something rational.

Can Boric Acid Help in Birth Control?

Remember that boric Acid is not at all recommended for preventing pregnancy. Although people in the early days used boric Acid as a contraceptive, doctors disapprove of its efficacy in birth control.There are many safe contraceptive methods that one can choose from. Likewise, you may go for contraceptives or condoms to eliminate pregnancy risk. After all, infections can also be kept away by using such birth control methods.

Discuss with your doctor about any reliable contraceptive means. Make desired changes in your lifestyle and ensure safe sex practices.

Does Boric Acid Affect Birth Control Pills?

Using boric Acid as birth control is not recommended because of its small success rate and specific side effects. In addition, it is not clear whether boric Acid will affect unborn babies. Besides, pregnancy can not be prevented with this chemical compound. However, it is better to confirm the boric Acid effect on birth control pills from a healthcare expert. Moreover, anyone younger than 12 years old must not use vaginal boric Acid at all.

Risks of Boric Acid as Contraception

Seek emergency help if you are facing side effects of boric Acid as contraception. Stop the medicine’s usage and contact your doctor right away.

  • Although boric Acid has spermicidal properties, but should not be used as a reliable form of contraception. Individuals may use several other contraceptive methods that are available in the market.
  • Doctors do not recommend boric Acid’s application directly in the vagina or other reproductive parts. In addition, proper guidance and knowledge are required before doing the same. However, there can be adverse reactions to boric Acid to some extent.

Can Boric Acid Cause Miscarriage?

There are several myths associated with miscarriage, but miscarriage for boric Acid is actual. Many doctors have agreed that boric Acid can induce toxicity to a developing fetus. Besides, women may undergo pregnancy loss, and birth disabilities can happen. It is always better to discard boric Acid during pregnancy days.

However, if boric acid exposure is low, it can be okay. Still, a pregnant woman or someone willing to conceive must be aware of boric acid side effects.

Safety Precautions with Boric Acid

Since the traditional days, boric acid powder has been used for multipurpose works. Using it safely is always advisable for doctors and other researchers.

Let us discover some crucial safety precautions one should not miss out on.

  • If boric Acid is taken in large amounts, it will not do any good to your health. Instead, one can have vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and skin irritation.
  • Keep the Acid away from children and pets. This needs to be done to avoid accidental ingestion.
  • If you use boric Acid for pest control, follow the instructions properly. Abide by the safety guidelines that are mentioned in the bottle.


Using boric Acid safely is what matters the most. Many individuals may get endless benefits of this chemical compound in their daily life but it is recommended to be cautious. It is essential to know that excess boric acid application may hamper sperm quality and fertilization. Take note of adequate dosage and seek guidance from experts. It should not be used as birth control or any protection against STDs. Seek a health checkup if you suspect anything unusual after using this Acid. After all, your health should be your priority every time.

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