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Cold Hunter Moon Edition – Starting Strength Weekly Report October 30, 2023 Leave a comment

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October 30, 2023

Cold Hunter Moon Edition

On Starting Strength

  • Pitch Black Forge, Paranormal Experiences, and Bow-Legged Squats
    – Rip answers questions live from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.

  • Retirement Is For The Weak by David Lewis
    – It seems like such a bizarre idea today, but without a retirement to look forward to, you have to keep working. You have to keep making future financial plans. You have to save money and keep investing in yourself, your business, your life…

  • Joint Health & Strength Training
    – Ray talks with Dr. Carter about the common misunderstanding that lifting weights can destroy bones, the relative safety of lifting compared to various other sports, and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook.

  • Becoming Strong in Your 50s
    – 53-year-old Mike Ditson realized that lifting by himself in the garage was not yielding results due to technique issues and poor programming. He began training at Starting Strength Austin, where he received professional guidance and started making progress.

  • The Coachable Client by Diego Socolinsky
    – A few weeks ago I was working with a new client at FiveX3 Training. It was his second or third training session, and we were having a little friction about programming and weight selection…

  • Weekend Archives:

    An Initial Visit to the York Barbell Club by Ken Leistner –
    Though plagued with Alzheimer’s Disease, my ninety-three year old mother had enough awareness to ask, “How can you continue to write so much about the same bullshit?”

  • Weekend Archives:

    Recovery and Growth by Mark Rippetoe–
    Judging from my e-mail and the posts on my Q&A board, most of you guys are experts at losing bodyfat or maintaining low bodyfat. But you seem to have misplaced your understanding…

In the Trenches

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Best of the Week

Microloading vs Lowering Rep Ranges


Possibly stupid question, but in reviewing both the blue and gray books, my takeaway is that generally, microloading should be implemented prior to reducing rep ranges, is that generally correct?

IE before going from say, 3 sets of 5 to 5 sets of 3 with 5lbs jumps, one would keep doing 3×5 but with ~2.5lbs jumps?

Mark Rippetoe

This is true for women, and for the press and bench press.

Best of the Forum

Overlap between bench and squat: upper back tension


I find it helpful to keep the upper back tight in the squat in a very similar way to the bench – shoulder blades together. For the squat, it provides the point of contact with the bar. For the bench, it provides the point of contact with the bench. It requires concentration at the bottom of both movements; otherwise, the upper back loosens and opens up in both movements. It is interesting that the same relative position is used in different ways for very different bar positions.

Is this correct?

Mark Rippetoe

That is correct.


The shoulder blade retraction coached in the bench is separate from the thoracic extension coached in both the squat and the bench though, right? Or is it helpful to think of pinning the shoulder blades back and down in the squat too, just like the bench?

Mark Rippetoe

The grip in the squat produces the scapular retraction, since a tight narrow grip does not permit the scapulae to abduct in the middle of a set. If this is happening, your grip is too wide.

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