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5 Weeks Until the Dublin Marathon Leave a comment

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5 weeks! And 3 of those will essentially be the taper, so just 2 big weeks of training left before marathon #43!

And this was a big week; here’s how it all worked out:

Monday: REST. Much needed. I still ended up walking about 5 miles between commuting and dog walks. I did some core but otherwise fully embraced the rest day.

Our new place overlooks the Hampstead ponds- the baby swans are not babies anymore!

Tuesday: Tempo Tuesday! Warm-up, 3×10 minutes at tempo with 2 minute jog in between, then 5 minute jog, then ended with 5×1 minute hard. I did the 5×1 minute on the cinder track outside of Regent’s Park. 10 miles total. I got ready for work in the quickest amount of time ever, as I had to walk over to our old flat to let in the “end-of-tenancy” cleaners and then still make it to work at a reasonable time. Whew! Full day before the day began, ha!

Wednesday: 7 hilly miles before work. Upper body and core after work.

I love our new place in London, but there are four flights of wooden stairs in it; it’s a mid-century modern place, narrow, but lots of stairs. As the stairs are wooden, they don’t have any grip on them. I was wearing running socks while working from home, and slipped and fell quite dramatically midday on these stairs. At first, I was worried I had dislocated my shoulder or something worse, but after a few minutes of regrouping and assessing, I realized I was fine, just really sore…I guess I need to wear shoes in the house from now on! It did freak me out a bit as you realize when you have a fall like that just how quickly things can go wrong! Since we’re renting, there isn’t a lot we can add that wouldn’t damage the (beautiful but slippery) stairs…

Thursday: Run commute, 4.5 miles, then a social 5k with my colleagues for 7.5 miles total. Great morning.

After work I did a bit of core and a long walk with the dogs.

Friday: 7.4 mile run with Ruth and Dustin (we were both working from home) with 4×5 minutes moderate in there (though my runs are almost always slightly faster with Dustin.) We took Ruth through the Frieze Sculptures and she did NOT trust the statue called “sleepwalker!” No way, bad vibes (check out her instagram for more.)

After work, I did a 20 minute full body strength workout and some core.

Saturday: 20 miler! I often try to explore new parts of London on long runs like this, but I decided to keep things simple and stick to the Royal parks.

Around mile 12, Dustin found me around Hyde Park; he must have been a little lonely on his own as he decided to slow things down and run the next 8 with me. I was happy for the company!

A generally low-key Saturday after the 20 miler, other than a walk with the pups and a much needed haircut!

Sunday: We started the day watching the Berlin marathon on TV- holy moly, Tigst Assefa and the new world record! Incredible.

Feeling all kinds of inspired, Dustin, Ruth, and I ran 7.75 miles.

Summary: 60 miles of running! First 60 mile week in quite some time; this is high for me. I will be taking a nap later today. Ha!

I finally added upcoming races to Garmin Connect, so now my Garmin gives me some fun data about upcoming races. I like those average race day temps for Dublin! (Yes, I know I need to convert to Celsius. I’m trying!)

This week will be a cutback before a busy and big last week before the taper.

I’m linking up with Running on the Fly and Confessions of a Mother Runner; check out their blogs to connect with other fitness bloggers for workout ideas and inspiration!

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