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Weekly Recap: 9 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon Leave a comment

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Hello from Zurich, Switzerland!

We flew here today from London, and tomorrow we take the train to Zermatt, where we are meeting 5 friends from the U.S. to ski/snowboard for the week. But first, let me share a recap of training for the Barcelona marathon last week!

Monday: Rest from running! Beginner pilates at TEN after work.

Tuesday: Run commute, 4.3 miles + first office run of 2024, 3.1 miles for 7.4 miles total before work. Advanced Pilates at TEN after work.

Wednesday: WFH day, so I took advantage and did my workout at the Parliament track in Hampstead Heath: warm-up, 4×1 mile at 10k pace with 3 minute jog in between, then 4x400m finisher, 10 miles total. It was brisk (about 32F/0C) but the sun was shining, which helped! I had the whole track to myself too.

I went to Pilates at Heartcore in the evening.

Thursday: 5 mile brisk run (below freezing, which is rare here!) before work, Pilates at Heartcore in the evening.

Brisk sunrise on my run!

Friday: 7 mile run with Ruth, before dropping her at home and heading back out to find a mystery package that had been diverted. I was hoping it would be my new snowboard boots, but it was a pair of new running shoes! Still great to have, but I was really hoping for the snowboard boots!

Saturday: Long run day! This time I did 6 miles easy, then 8x(3 min at 10k effort, 2 min jog), then easy to 17 miles total. Whew!

Sunday: We flew from Heathrow to Zurich, landing around 2 pm. By 3 pm Zurich time, we were at our hotel and went out for a 7 mile exploratory run around the city center.

We are only in Zurich for the night before heading to Zermatt on the train tomorrow. Zermatt is totally car-free! Apparently it is very charming. I’m excited to visit!

We saw quite a bit of Zurich in a short amount of time- it was a nice way to quickly see the town!

After the run and a shower, we wandered around a bit more before grabbing dinner at Restaurant Rosso and then a tiki drink afterwards at Waiana Tiki. A really fun night in Zurich.

Summary: 55 miles of running; 4 Pilates reformer classes, daily core.

I plan to have a cutback week for marathon training this week, as it will be difficult to fit in runs before heading to the mountain (and snowboarding all day is tiring!) Keeping my fingers crossed for no injuries on the mountain…

That’s a wrap! I’m linking up with Running on the Fly and Confessions of a Mother Runner; check out their blogs to connect with other fitness bloggers for workout ideas and inspiration!

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